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About Chad & Gina

Thank you for coming to our website.  We are Chad and Gina Zabloudil, owners and photographers of Zabloudil Photography, Inc., based in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We delight in photographing Weddings, Seniors, and Families.  We are members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the foremost organization for professional photographers, and well as Professional Photographers of Nebraska (PPN).

We've been on an incredible journey together.  After we married in 2000, we soon tired of the 9-5 work-a-day life.  We wanted something we could be as passionate about as we were about each other.

We realized that we both had an interest in photography.  So we purchased our first camera and began taking classes.  That camera went with us everywhere!  We photographed our 1st wedding in 2003.  (Of course there's more details about how we got from there to here...)  But, our world was changed, and we knew this is what we were here to do.  And, 11 years later...

Gina says:  I'd love to tell you about Chad.  He is the most patient person I know.  He's a father of four, so he knows how to handle the kiddos.  When a ring bearer is crying and doesn't want his picture taken, Chad gets him to forget his worries.  He can find a smile in a child where none seemed to exist!

He's the technical camera guy.  I'm often amazed at how he pulls off a tricky lighting situation to create the most beautifully lit images. 

Chad be a "little goofy" when he needs to be, and can lift the mood back to happy in a stressful moment.  That's a gift!

There's no one else I'd rather spend time photographing beside!  And I'm blessed that he's also the man I share my life with.

Chad says:  Gina is very enjoyable to talk to.  Her outgoing, friendly personality makes it easy to tell that she really cares about others.  You will get a sense of this when you call our studio.  She just has a way of making others feel comfortable. 

She is also the backbone of our company.  By running our business, she has honed and strengthened her organizational skills.  This is particularly evident on a wedding day with her customized timelines. 

Gina has also become very good with the post-production work, making our clients look their very best!  She skillfully retouches your portraits without "over doing" it.  In other words, you will still look like you and not a porcelain doll. 

I am thankful to have found - not just a business partner, but a life partner - whose strengths complement mine so well.

Our faith, and love of working with people, drives our commitment to serve others using our time and the talents.  As a married couple, we are well-aware of the challenges and concerns a bride and groom face on their wedding day as well as the planning stages.  Because of this, we are able to work closely with clients, building a sense of comfort and ease that enable each of them to relax and have fun.

Our goal is to get to know our clients, to make then feel comfortable, to create unique images they will adore!  For our wedding couples, we create images to reflect every exciting moment happening all around them on their wedding day.  For our seniors, we want the portraits to speak to who they are at this point in their lives.  For our families, our goal is to capture the relationships and closeness that they share together. 

Chad spends most of his time behind the camera, working hard to get the best photographs, while Gina keeps things organized and on track.  We both bring creativity into play - Chad with his photographic eye and technical skills and Gina in her retouching work as well as her creative direction during each session.

Our goal is to dynamically and artistically capture each moment while creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  We want to craft a great experience for you that will not be forgotten.

We would love to talk to you and create images that you adore!

Warmest regards,

Chad & Gina