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Seniors 2020

Now it's your turn.
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Here's the 2021 Senior Sessions, updated just for you!

1) Studio

-We have a unique studio space, techniques and a process that make your indoor session a blast!

It's a perfect option for inclement weather, as well.

2) Nature       

-Can be anywhere in Lincoln. We have ideas of areas with lots of green, trees and flowers.

Choose this one if you want to include your vehicle.

3) Urban        

-Anywhere in Lincoln, focusing on the “city”: downtown, structures, steps, etc.

Of course, we have suggestions for these too. May be perfect for those with fashion flare!

4) At Home                

-The portrait session could be at your house! For some, it’s the place where you are most comfortable.

It's a setting unique to you!

5) “Hit the Road”      

-Up to 75 miles out of city limits, to some special place.

-Mileage fee 0.50/mile (round trip) applicable on locations 20 miles or more from our studio, and is collected when booking the session.

6) The “BFF” 

-Perfect for a set of close friends. Choose any of the Sessions, and share it with a friend.

Most add another session, to share with same friend as well.

7) Night 'Scapes

-It's an after-dark adventure! Think wall graffiti, creative lighting, and neon lights.

It's nothing like your friends did last year!

  • Yearbook Only  In-studio, $75, includes 5x7 of chosen image.
    Available only after Sept. 25th.
  • FAQ
  • Our Deluxe Session is $325, Combo session is $225, and our Studio Elegance Session is $125.
  • The Studio Elegance Session is approx. 60 mins. The Combo Session is approx. 120 mins= 60 mins studio and 60 mins on-location. The Deluxe Session is 180 mins, and can be 90 mins in studio, and 90 mins on-location, or other possible ideas can be discussed.
  • Session fee is collected to reserve your date and time, and also covers creation and submission of your chosen yearbook image to your school.
  • Our Senior Portrait Collections start at $375, which is our minimum order for our Combo and Studio Elegance Sessions. The Deluxe Session has $675 minimum portrait order.
  • We offer a Family Session for $39 for each of our Seniors!                              

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